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Residential Care

Residents at Struan Lodge Care Home can enjoy the benefits of group living while retaining their independence in a safe and secure setting. Our caring staff helps those who are unable to manage and care for themselves at home and need support with daily duties.

Our objective is to provide residents with around-the-clock medical care and overall well-being assistance through a number of techniques, including our exceptional services and facilities, so that they can live a full and happy life every day. Our mission is to provide the finest possible quality of life for all of our residents.

What is Residential Care?

Residential Care assists those who require help with daily tasks such as bathing, clothing, personal hygiene, medicine and mobility. Residents can use a care home as if it were their own, going about their daily lives as usual while taking advantage of the numerous services and amenities available on site. Staff are accessible 24-hours a day to help residents live independently with as much or as little assistance as they require.

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Residential Care at Struan Lodge Care Home

Our approach to Residential Care places emphasis on health, well-being and interests in addition to their care needs, ensuring that they have everything they need to live a happy and fulfilling life. We’re driven to support our people in living their lives their way, with as much or as little aid as they require. Our residents benefit from the advantages of shared living with like-minded people, free from the hassles of running a household. We see residents gain confidence and independence, as well as improved health and a busy social life. A wide activities and entertainment schedule, as well as regular outings and events, ensure that every day is different, motivating and enjoyed by all.

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What You’ll Find at Struan Lodge

Our commitment to our residents’ comfort, convenience, and unique needs is evident in the careful design of our care home, which incorporates a variety of facilities and services.

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Residential Care FAQs

Residential care is a well-suited choice for individuals in need of full-time accommodation and the availability of around-the-clock support for personal care and certain medical requirements. It also offers a supportive community setting, which can be particularly beneficial for those who may be experiencing feelings of loneliness or those who thrive in a group living environment.

In contrast, nursing care also offers continuous care and support, but it is tailored for individuals who require medical assistance from registered nurses capable of administering medication and providing medical treatments at any hour.

We take great care in crafting personalised care plans for our residents at Struan Lodge Care Home, and we make it a point to consistently monitor and assess these plans. If, during their stay with us, the care needs of our residents evolve, our dedicated team collaborates with them and their families to adapt the care plan accordingly, ensuring that their needs are met in full. We take pride in offering a continuum of care, meaning that if care requirements change, residents can stay at our home.

The services and amenities offered by care homes and nursing homes can vary significantly, but at Struan Lodge Care Home, you can anticipate round-the-clock support for medical care and personal well-being. In addition, we provide housekeeping and laundry services, dining options, engaging activities, and entertainment. Our in-house facilities are designed to enhance the overall experience and quality of life for our residents.

Person-centred Care at a Care Home in Edinburgh

Our care home in Edinburgh is proud to provide a range of quality care services. We firmly believe that each resident should be able to receive excellent care and have the opportunity to indulge in their hobbies, pursue their interests, and form new connections.

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