Due to our in-house chef, we are able to present residents a tantalising and diversified menu every day. When creating our breakfast, lunch, and tea menus, our highly qualified kitchen team takes into account all food preferences and dietary requirements.

We understand the importance of a well-balanced meal for overall health and well-being. To ensure that residents look forward to every meal time, we change our menus on a regular basis while preserving familiar favourites. The food served is suitable for all of our residents, with hot and cold options available, as well as soft and easy-to-eat meals.

Seasonal Dishes

At Struan Lodge Care Home, we strive to provide residents with access to the finer things in life, such as first-class meals. Our goal is to offer a seasonal menu of high-quality dishes produced with ingredients acquired locally. We take great pride in making nutritious and delicious food that is both healthy and appealing. Our kitchen team prepares all of the meals, which are flavourful and include all of the residents’ favourites, every day.

A Menu To Be Enjoyed By All

When developing menus, our specialised Chef attentively examines all allergies, cultural preferences and nutritional requirements, guaranteeing that all meals available are suitable for all. We strive to accommodate our residents’ preferences, whether they are vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan. We go above and beyond to learn about our residents’ preferences and we do all we can to accommodate them.

What You’ll Find in Our Dining Areas

Struan Lodge Care Home offers a variety of meal alternatives, all of which are easily accessible and comfortable for all residents. Thanks to an experienced cooking team and a vast variety of tasty cuisines to pick from, each mealtime is guaranteed to be as pleasurable as the last.

Enjoy Every Special Occasion

We offer two dining areas for our residents to use and enjoy. We also invite our residents to welcome their loved to Struan Lodge to celebrate a special occasion. Whether they wish to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or simply to enjoy a meal together, residents can spend precious time together during mealtimes, ensuring that they never miss a memorable occasion.

Finest Ingredents, Freshest Produce

Our meals are regularly updated to ensure that our residents are eating only the finest ingredients and the freshest produce available. We rotate our menus on a regular basis while retaining popular favourites on the menu. We also present both hot and cold dishes, as well as soft, easy-to-eat options.

Encouraging Independence

We endeavour to make every mealtime as enjoyable as possible for all of our residents, regardless of their circumstances. Our culinary team ensures that each dining area is safe, comfortable, and has all of the amenities that our residents require, allowing them to focus on their meal and enjoy every moment. Residents are free to eat lunch in their rooms, outside if the weather permits, or in either of the two dining spaces; it is important to us that residents have has much independence as possible at every meal time.

Dining FAQs

Here are the top three most frequently asked questions concerning the meals at Struan Lodge Care Home. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact our helpful team, who will gladly assist you or head to our FAQ’s page.

Our excellent in-house chef and kitchen staff work tirelessly to provide nutritious, high-quality meals to our residents. Only the finest and locally sourced products are used in our always changing, seasonal menu. We encourage our residents to share their favourite cuisines and meals with us so we can accommodate them in our menu.

Residents at Struan Lodge Care Home have the freedom to eat their meals wherever they like. Everyone has the option of eating in the shared dining areas or in the solitude of their own rooms during mealtimes. They can also, if the weather permits, enjoy their meal outside.

Residents can select from a variety of meal alternatives. Personal preferences, cultural requirements and dietary limitations are all recognised and respected by our kitchen team.

Exemplary Care, Facilities & Lifestyle Everyday

It is our priority to make residents feel at ease from the moment they arrive at Struan Lodge, regardless of their needs. Set in a quiet neighbourhood near Edinburgh, our home has been specially designed to foster group living. We offer a variety of high-quality amenities as well as a dynamic activities programme that our residents are invited to participate in. There are numerous rooms around the home that provide opportunity to socialise with other residents as well as a variety of activities to keep each day fresh and interesting. Residents can enjoy first-class amenities and live a vibrant life every day thanks to a diverse activities and entertainment programme, as well as regular outings and events. Here at Struan Lodge, we go above and beyond to strike the perfect balance between exemplary care, facilities and lifestyle.

Comprehensive, Person-Centred Care

From the moment residents arrive at Struan Lodge Care Home, our staff go above and beyond to ensure that their stay is welcoming and comfortable. The high-quality care we provide caters to both health and well-being needs as we believe looking after the individual as a whole is vital to ensuring the best care. Led by Person-Centred Care, we work with residents and their loved ones. This approach to care also means we are best placed to tailor individual care plans; our dedication to a continuum of care means care plans are adaptable and change in response to a resident’s medical needs. All types of care takes place in a welcoming environment and peaceful setting, designed to make everyone feel at home in their environment. 

We Would Love to Hear From You

We would love to speak to you about what Struan Lodge Care Home can do for you and your family. You can get in touch with our friendly team by sending an email to manager@struanlodgecare.com or calling us on 0131 337 7477. Alternatively, feel free to complete our online Enquiry Form and we will respond as soon as possible.