Communal Living Room at Struan Lodge

Quiet Areas

At Struan Lodge, we have several ‘Quiet Areas’ within our home that are very popular for our residents to relax in and socialise with one another. Within these spaces, you have the option to have a chat with a loved one over a cup of tea, play chess, spend time reading a newspaper or book or have some alone time. Struan Lodge Care Home has been designed to provide a cosy and relaxing space for elderly individuals that is a home away from home. Our aim is to make sure our residents feel happy and relaxed no matter what part of the home they’re in.


Relax in Our Charming Garden

Our charming gardens that surround our home provide an ideal sanctuary for our residents to find solace and rejuvenation. Within these green spaces, residents can immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, whether it be sitting quietly with a book or newspaper, spending time with a loved one, or engaging in a tabletop game with a fellow resident. With great care, our gardens offer a secure haven that ensures peace and privacy, providing individuals the freedom to enjoy the outside space at their own leisurely pace.

Residents Enjoying Ice Creams in the Garden

A Space For Everyone

Our communal areas provide a welcoming space where all residents can freely utilise the space according to their needs. By recognising the importance of both independence and companionship, we offer residents the option to enjoy the rooms within our home as they see fit as they have been created for their benefit. Our communal lounges also serve as the ideal setting for entertainment and events, so our lounges can be multi-functional. For special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, residents can use the room for family gatherings.

Communal Living Room at Struan Lodge
Activities Room at Struan Lodge

Our Quiet Areas Features 

You can count on the friendly activities team at Struan Lodge Care Home to look after our residents to the best of their ability, offering a varied and inclusive activities that take place in our communal rooms.

Homely Feel

Comfortable Seating

Social Opportunities

Quiet Areas FAQs

We understand that prospective residents and their loved ones will want to learn about much as possible about daily life at a care home. Our top three questions about our Quiet Areas can be found below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about this.

At Struan Lodge, we believe it’s important to offer quiet areas separate from our communal lounges where residents can go to have conversations with their loved ones, read a book or newspaper, or play a card game with fellow residents.

The quiet rooms are available to all residents at any time of day. Loved ones can also use this room if they want to have a chat in private. We will also ask other residents to be respectful when someone is spending time with a family member.

Residents can partake in quiet activities such as reading or playing card games in the quiet areas. Other activities organised by the Activity Coordinators will take place in the communal living rooms. If a resident does not want to participate in the activities offered, they can go to the quiet areas if they’d prefer to.

Exemplary Care, Facilities & Lifestyle Everyday

It is our mission to ensure residents feel at home from the moment they arrive at Struan Lodge. Set in a quiet neighbourhood near Edinburgh, our home has been carefully designed to provide exceptional group living. We offer a variety of high-quality facilities as well as an inclusive activities programme that our residents are invited to participate in. There are many communal rooms around the home that provide opportunities to socialise with other residents as well as a selection of activities to keep each day new and interesting. Residents can enjoy first-class amenities and live a full life every day with our diverse activities and entertainment programme, as well as regular outings and events. Here at Struan Lodge, we go above and beyond to provide the ideal balance of quality care, facilities and lifestyle.

Comprehensive, Person-Centred Care

From the moment residents arrive at Struan Lodge Care Home, our team is dedicated to ensuring that an individual’s stay is relaxing and pleasant. The high standard of care we provide caters to both health and well-being needs as we believe caring for the person as a whole is vital to achieving effective care. Led by person-centred care, we work with residents and their loved ones to personalise care plans; our continuum of care means care plans are adaptable and can be altered in response to a resident’s health needs. All types of care take place in a loving environment and homely setting, designed to make everyone feel comfortable.