Arts & Crafts

Taking part in group activities is a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. Our Activities Coordinator is passionate about producing new and engaging activities, such as our regular Arts & Crafts sessions. There is an abundance of craft opportunities for residents to enjoy, ranging from painting and colouring to flower arranging and baking.

Giving residents the opportunity to be creative allows them to enjoy the variety of mental and physical benefits. In addition, when combined with the social aspect that these group activities present, residents are sure to have a good time and enjoy spending time with their fellow residents, staff and invited loved ones.

An Abundance of Benefits

Our Activity Coordinator is dedicated to creating an interesting and diverse activities programme where all residents can feel motivated and ready to take on each day. We think that art therapy, in its many forms, promotes the well-being of older persons. Group activities can also help residents, staff, loved ones and the broader community foster deep and long-lasting bonds. Arts & Crafts classes are about more than just painting a picture; they provide a variety of benefits, and our staff has experienced firsthand how beneficial they are to our residents.

Activities for Inclusive For All

All activities presented to residents, are designed to be enjoyed by all of our residents, regardless of their abilities. We encourage residents to participate in all activities in a safe and controlled manner, as this allows them to try new things and gain new skills, boosting their overall self-confidence and allowing them to enjoy a more satisfying lifestyle. All sessions have been carefully planned to match the needs of our residents, with the purpose of ensuring that everyone is happy.

Arts & Crafts FAQs

We understand that prospective residents and their loved ones will want to learn everything they can about daily life at Struan Lodge before committing to a new home. Our top three questions about our Arts & Crafts can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding this, or any other facility available to residents.

Our Arts & Crafts sessions are varied and range from flower arranging, through to candle making. Our Activity Coordinator ensures each session is different to the next. Our residents have access to equipment that may be need for a session.

Residents have full control over their creations. They are able to put it on display in their room or gift it to someone they care about. Residents can also choose to display their work throughout the house for all to see.

All of the activities that residents partake in will be included in the weekly overall care home price. Art supplies are also included.

Exemplary Care, Facilities & Lifestyle Everyday

It is our priority to make residents feel at ease from the moment they arrive at Struan Lodge, regardless of their needs. Set in a quiet neighbourhood near Edinburgh, our home has been specially designed to foster group living. We offer a variety of high-quality amenities as well as a dynamic activities programme that our residents are invited to participate in. There are numerous rooms around the home that provide opportunity to socialise with other residents as well as a variety of activities to keep each day fresh and interesting. Residents can enjoy first-class amenities and live a vibrant life every day thanks to a diverse activities and entertainment programme, as well as regular outings and events. Here at Struan Lodge, we go above and beyond to strike the perfect balance between exemplary care, facilities and lifestyle.

Comprehensive, Person-Centred Care

From the moment residents arrive at Struan Lodge Care Home, our staff goes above and beyond to ensure that their stay is welcoming and comfortable. The high-quality care we provide caters to both health and well-being needs as we believe looking after the individual as a whole is vital to ensuring the best care. Led by person-centred care, we work with residents and their loved ones. This approach to care also means we are best placed to tailor individual care plans; our dedication to continuum of care means care plans are adaptable and change in response to a resident’s medical needs. All types of care take place in a welcoming environment and peaceful setting, designed to make everyone feel at home in their environment. 

We Would Love to Hear From You

We would love to speak to you about what Struan Lodge Care Home can do for you and your family. You can get in touch with our friendly team by sending an email to or calling us on 0131 337 7477. Alternatively, feel free to complete our online Enquiry Form and we will respond as soon as possible.